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Prolifik is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency and Video Production Company.
We offer a full range of services for clients and projects alike.

It’s important that we escape the old paradigm of website creation. The days of building your website as a contractor would your home - construct, refine then run away - are over. Your site should be dynamic, ever changing. Remember, we’re seeking to engage potential customers in on-going dialogue to develop relationships and brand loyalty. Your wheel of engagement should have many spokes, your website being the hub. It’s our job as Digital Marketing Agency to build a custom communications system for your business, including the hub and each of its spokes.
If your website is built and no one comes to engage with it, does it still make you money? That’s not a rhetorical question or philosophical brain-teaser. The answer is obviously NO. It’s our job to drive people to you and give you the tools you need to engage them, to tell your story and allow them to interact with you and your brand. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we accomplish this by utilizing a variety of tools that are tried and true.
Without constant analysis, you’re shooting in the dark. You can not afford to plan your communication and interaction with your customers based on our assumptions of their reactions or on how we simply want them to react. Crunching the numbers and understanding what we’re crunching allows us to learn how to elicit the best responses from your customers. Our custom analytics and reporting systems track visitors, engagements, and conversions on your website. Analytics help us to stay on top of trends and changes in the marketplace for your industry. Our technical department keeps us on top in regard to measurement tools, systems, and strategies.
Once we’ve reached out, attracted viewers/visitors, hooked them with riveting content designed to engage them with your brand, led them to the top of your sales funnel, measured their behavior and analyzed the results, it’s time to refine. This process is what makes your communication system truly dynamic and optimized. We respond to analytics and trends to improve your website by tweaking and optimizing. Prolifik is a Digital Marketing Agency that will help you stay on the edge of your industry with marketable content on your website.

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