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Many businesses consider hiring an in-house marketing staff member to manage their marketing efforts. Hypothetically, let’s say you were to put an ad in your local paper seeking candidates (IF local newspapers were able to communicate to such an applicant pool effectively). Let’s say you were able to recruit a candidate - we’ll call her Polly Prolifik.

Polly has twelve degrees in multimedia production or journalism, an MBA and a Ph.D. in human psychology. She has over 120 years experience in the marketing industry and is a recognized expert in search engine optimization, digital marketing including Adwords and social media, graphic design, video production and, more importantly, she has experience and has proven successful in the medical field. She owns over $150,000 in equipment and property that she’ll use for the benefit of your marketing efforts. Oh, and she won’t cost you a dime in FICA, health insurance or other benefits. Any business owner in his or her right mind would hire Polly in a heartbeat. The bad news is that Polly doesn’t exist. The good news is that Prolifik does.


Creative Director
Video Production
Chief of Staff
Sales & Marketing
Human Resources
Advertising Manager
Web Developer
Digital Specialist
Content Strategist
Citations Specialist
Executive Assistant
Video Production
Video Production
Creative Consultant

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