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Shelby Gordon

Shelby graduated from The University of Georgia with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Communication Studies. Her passion for words led her to her original position as a content writer at Prolifik. Whether it’s writing webpage content, or reading up on Tolkien’s Middle-earth languages, Shelby is always exploring the beauty and importance of stringing together words to explain and exhort. Shelby has transitioned into a digital conversion specialist role at Prolifik during her time here.

She is from a small town in south Georgia that I promise you’ve never heard of, and she now lives in Athens with her dog, Cane. When Shelby is not at Prolifik, she can be found at any concert venue within a 100 mile radius, Raising Cane’s (yes, her dog is named after the fried chicken fast-food chain), laughing at jokes on Twitter, Watkinsville First Baptist Church, Two Story (RIP for now), or napping in her room.

She thoroughly enjoys picking your brain by asking about your Myers Briggs personality type, Love Language, Strengths Finder results and Enneagram. She’s always looking for new music and going to concerts. Shelby aspires to be a professional playlist maker.

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