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Prolifik is A leading custom web development agency based on years of experience and developed expertise. We never outsource any aspects of web development and consistently produce better results of all web development companies in Atlanta. Our full-time, in-house staff works together as a team to focus on the many aspects of web development. While each team member possesses great web development chops collectively, we boast expertise in responsive Web design, HTML, CSS and Drupal.

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Unlike the competition, we offer a full lineup of Internet marketing services. We apply our knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimization to every project. Prolifik develops websites for high visibility and maximized conversion capability.

Proven Processes

Websites require hours of preparation and planning. We go into depth planning design and conversion functions at the onset of every web development project. The hours and hours of planning prior to writing one line of code has enabled us to consistenly produce great websites that deliver optimal conversions.

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Custom Web Development

Search engines are constantly indexing millions of websites while these websites are being created and updated daily. Online commerce, dialogue, and social networking are on fire. Simply put consumers know and expect anything that they can imagine will appear online. Your website and your internet marketing presence are essential tools that need dedicated focus to be successful in today's marketplace. To effectively and efficiently compete, you must have a website that includes proper search engine optimization (SEO).

When building a house, you would not pick out the colors and blinds before you decided on the foundation. So why on earth would you design a website before properly setting the SEO foundation? Would it not make more sense to hire a solid SEO web development company at the beginning?

Unfortunately, many companies hire the web design and development team and then hire the SEO firm after the site has been launched. This leads to redundant programming and a huge loss of time and money for the company. The most effective and efficient way of building your site would be to hire a firm with web design, web development, and SEO expertise. This way the SEO web development techniques can be implemented at the very beginning.

The mixing of web design and SEO must be thought out because there are many factors to consider. The ebb and flow of the web design, web content, web development, programming and other factors take experience and professionalism to master. Having a separated design and development team is a recipe for disaster. The designer must understand that the site will be optimized and that there must be ample space and allotment for additional website copy and imagery. Likewise, the web developer must implement the proper semantic markup and calls to action.

Proper SEO web development begins with an in-depth due diligence meeting. This allows the SEO web development company to understand your business as well as marketing tactics to choose the proper keywords. At this time the link architecture would be established, and the collaboration between the SEO specialist, web design team and web development team would begin.

At Prolifik we implement a very detailed system that is tried and true. Our systematic approach has built us the reputation as a leading SEO web development company. We work with many clients both regionally and nationally. We also work in collaboration with many other web design and web development teams. Our SEO web services enable our clients to be confident that best practices are being implemented in all aspects of SEO, web development, and web design.

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