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Video has the unparalleled ability to convey inspiration and aspiration. With proper video marketing services, you can provide captivating experiences and memorable impressions to your audience. Prolifik’s video marketing services deliver a deep dive into your brand and its potential for unique video content. For the past seven years, we have provided many companies and brands nationwide with video production, optimization, and promotion.

If you are looking to communicate through one deliverable on multiple levels - video marketing is the most powerful method. Video marketing can reach a vast audience with lower expense and a short time.

With Prolifik’s video marketing services your company will make an impact through every video no matter where the content displays. We produce every video with a keen strategy in mind. We are not just out for beautiful footage, but a compelling campaign that achieves your goals.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Video is a powerful tool in the marketing game. It has a variety of uses in social media and other forms of advertising thanks to its ability to appeal to many senses and engage emotions. Branded video content demonstrates credibility and expertise, which is crucial for company growth. Whether a video portrays an intimate, personal interview with a company founder or demonstration of a product, video content is easily consumed and understood by its target audience.

One of the greatest benefits to video marketing is the opportunity to re-purpose content created for a variety of platforms. Our editing team has the ability to take footage and build a video content library for mediums such as social media, display advertising, websites, and internal sales material. A single video shoot has the potential to be multifaceted, which contributes to a brand’s message immensely.

Lights, Camera, Promotion!

Prolifik’s video marketing services start with a video production. A single production can vary on the length of time, but the potential for content is typically abundant no matter the length. Video productions are meticulously planned by our video team with attention to a brand’s message, business units and goals, team members, and personality. Once a concept has been agreed upon between Prolifik’s video team and the client, production times and dates are selected. Other details such as actors, models, props, and venue are finalized during the weeks leading up to the shoot.

After a production is completed, an estimated time is given for edits to be made to the footage. Most likely, our video team will continue to repurpose content over time for a retainer client depending on campaign needs in the future. Video footage is easily repurposed, which is a priceless benefit to our clients, especially those on retainer with Prolifik.

After a video has been edited and a selection of videos are ready for promotion, our digital team will optimize each video individually. This includes subtitles when necessary, keyword research, and copywriting. In order for a video to receive proper exposure online, we want to ensure its initial optimization using desired targeted keyword phrases.

After optimization is complete and videos have been added to the website if desired, a video is ready for promotion. Before placing money behind the video, it is first pushed organically on social media platforms and other video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. After the video has been promoted using organic methods, money is placed behind the video. This may involve social media advertising or display ads. Platforms are chosen based on a client’s target market and budget. As advertising for a video begins, the client will be sent initial budget recommendations from Prolifik. We take a peek at necessary geotargeting and demographics in order to suggest a reasonable advertising budget. Most video advertisements require 2-3 months with a consistent budget before changes can be made. After reviewing and analyzing results from a beginning budget, Prolifik will recommend to decrease or increase.

Prolifik’s video marketing services stand out from other video marketing companies because of our ability to see a video from start to finish. From a concept all the way to promotional strategy, Prolifik is there every step of the way, keeping you in the loop!

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