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Social media can often feel like a necessary evil. It requires hours of creative and analytical management, but the return is often quite little unless you pay to play. Facebook and many other platforms have tricky algorithms that make organic growth difficult. Platforms expand and competition for visibility increases. Competition means that you’ve got to spend a bit of cash to see a profitable return on content. Just placing a creative video or graphic out on social media does not guarantee visibility.

So where does this leave you? Do you spend hours creating content for your brand that will never appear? Or do you throw money at mediocre content? The answer is Prolifik. Our social media team works to give our clients a little bit of everything. We utilize the best content that drives brand awareness and website traffic to generate leads. With a set monthly budget, our team develops advertising campaigns with the goal of lead generation and brand awareness. Our team utilizes quality content to generate quality leads by strategically placing your advertising dollars and targeting specific audiences.

In addition to putting out quality content, Prolifik also uses specific platforms for a client’s brand. Once a client has been
on-boarded to the Prolifik process, the social team takes a look at a client’s target audience and business units. A strategy is developed using the most promising and profitable platforms whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, Houzz, Zillow.... You name it, and we investigate it. We generate quality leads through an advertising plan developed using a select number of platforms that best fit the brand.

A critical component of advertising execution is the results achieved from it. An advertising campaign doesn’t end upon completion of the ad spend. We analyze all campaign metrics for improvement of future campaigns. We send monthly reports to our clients with operating advertising budgets that provide an overview of monthly spend. Proactive reporting allows our customers the opportunity to ask questions or offer concerns. Reporting is another way we communicate with clientele on the status of their brand.

Ready to take action and tackle the algorithms? You’ve got to pay to play, but with the Prolifik social media team, playing isn’t all that hard.

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