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Jesse Collier

Jesse's path to the world of digital marketing is a winding one for certain. One could equate it to a recipe of sorts...take 3-4 years of sales and accounting, mix it with 5 years as a professional chef and combine that with another 5 years as the GM of a special event company, then top it off with a couple of years of operating an organic farm...and voilà! A marketing gig???

Ok, so that may not be a very traditional path into marketing, but each of those experiences is relevant to his current role. There are customer service and lead generation in sales, profits and losses in accounting, a creative process in cooking and writing menus, building and managing teams as a GM, and the details in picking aphids off the tomato leaves. How's that for being well rounded?

Some of Jesse's favorite pastimes are eating, traveling to new places in search of food, cooking at home, gardening, mountain biking (to build up an appetite) and drinking wine, with food. His passion for food is only equaled by his music snobbery. Although completely devoid of any real musical skill or talent, and with his sister as his cohort, they founded and produced a pretty rad little music festival called Wildwood Revival. You should check it out.

The good Lord has blessed Jesse with three awesome kiddos. Cole, the oldest, is a smarty pants teenager who is already smarter than his old man and he knows it. Sydney is the middle child and has become increasingly aware that she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. She also knows her way around a volleyball court. Then there's the Jake. Quite possibly too much personality for his own good in which it consistently gets him out of the trouble he constantly finds himself in. Jesse is married to Wendy, the amazing women and the glue that holds this bunch together. They currently reside in Jefferson, GA.

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