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Angela Taylor

Graphic Designer Type Snob and Shoe Horder

To say Angela is simply a graphic designer would be like referring to LL Cool J as merely an actor (look it up kids). She began in the creative world at an early age, winning science fair projects based on aesthetics alone. This is how she realized that a great presentation and composition can make a huge difference. She studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design for a short time before moving on to Statesboro to get a REAL (affordable) education (GO EAGLES!). After graduation, she headed to Athens to work in the college publishing world and eventually became her own boss, freelancing for various local businesses.

This brings us to the reason her bio is on this page…last year, Angela finally became an official part of the Prolifik team. She swears it was because the fellas in charge were tired of paying her ginormous hourly rate to pretty up their clients, not sure if they agree or not. Either way, it has been a match made in heaven (or over a quick lunch at Utage, if we’re being accurate).

Angela’s design style is clean and simple, yet classic. She excels in looking at the big picture, making sure the client’s entire image is on point. Font snobbery doesn’t even begin to describe how strict she is about layout, word and letter spacing, and all around visual presentation. She’s the designer that asks “why” multiple times a day, and because of that, Angela is the client’s worst critic and biggest champion, all in one.

When she’s not saving the world one font at a time…Angela is bragging about her children (a great dane and mini-schnauzer) and discussing pop culture. And when we say pop culture, we mean Real Housewives not Zombies or Vampires, just to be clear. Her happy place involves sun, water and a good book. We are convinced that she owns scarves that match her converse, and has an ultimate supply of each. Her sarcastic tone might lead you to believe Angela is a jokester, which may be the case…just don’t send her a file in publisher or anything with Comic Sans font. People have been killed for less. And finally, two random facts… she owns a life sized Barbie Jeep and loves the wonderful world of Golf.

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